Probably the most important aspect to a great cologne for men is how long it lasts. The Guerlain L'Homme ideal cologne for men should be able to last for at least seven hours. It should also be able to smell good the entire time. You don't want to waste money on a cologne that doesn't last.

Guerlain L'Homme a hot mess of clashing synthetics

Thierry Wasser created L'Homme Ideal in collaboration with Delphine Jelk. The result is a fresh, woody, masculine fragrance. It combines three main ingredients: almond, vetiver and vanilla.

The top note is the orange blossom. The middle is a fusion of almond, vanilla and tonka. The base is a smorgasbord of creaminess, woody notes and pine needles. The almond in L'Homme Ideal is a bit more tangy and amorphous than in some of the more conventional gourmand fragrances. The almond note isn't really the star here; it's just a subset of the booziness of the vanilla and tonka.

The most important thing about L'Homme Ideal is the longevity. It gives 8-9 hours of reliable performance. It also has a nice tight projection. Its sillage is noticeable from around a metre away. Its longevity is admirable.

The most impressive aspect of L'Homme Ideal is the olfactory signature. Its almond and tonka notes are a hallmark of the gourmand genre.

It smells low-rent

Thierry Wasser, the current master perfumer, is responsible for the L'Homme Ideal EDT. This fragrance is his first fragrance outside of the House of Guerlain.

L'Homme Ideal's top note is a citrusy orange blossom, while the secondary notes include pink cocktail cherries and amaretto. The middle notes are vetiver and pine needles. The base note includes creaminess and abstract leather.

The L'Homme Ideal cologne is the epitome of masculine scent. It is a fresh, cool and woody cologne with a smooth texture that lasts all day. It is an ideal fragrance for the office, beach party, or bermudas.

The L'Homme Ideal EDT has a square, matte black lacquer bottle. It is topped with a guilloche design that resembles a man's watch.

The L'Homme Ideal EDT is designed for the perfect man. The scent embodies power, sweetness, and intoxicating sex appeal. The scent is a mixture of classic French fragrances.

Several fragrance canada have tried to replicate L'Homme Ideal's top and middle notes. The closest example is Kdj Inspired, which contains a similar top, middle and base note.

It lasts between 7-9 hours

Among the numerous Guerlain men's fragrances, L'Homme Ideal is the flagship. It is an incredibly French scent, and one that pays tribute to La Petite Robe Noire. Developed by perfumer Thierry Wasser, it has been around since 2016.

L'Homme Ideal is a very distinctive scent, with a combination of woody, oriental, and sweet notes. It begins with a burst of cherry. Then, it transitions into an amaretto-like note with an almond base. These two accords combine to form a sweet and creamy scent.

L'Homme Ideal Eau de Parfum is available in a flashy modern flacon. It contains three ingredients, and is designed to be sprayed on the back of the neck. Sillage is moderate. It lasts between 7-9 hours on the skin and on clothes.

The sillage is decent, and is noticeable when you spray it from a distance of about a metre. During the first two hours, it is strong. However, it turns into a tonka scent when 20 minutes have passed.

It's discontinued

Despite being released six years ago, Guerlain L'Homme Ideal cologne for men is discontinued. This perfume was created in honor of the 170th anniversary of Guerlain. Its fragrance is a woody and aromatic scent for men. Its notes include buddleia, mimosa leaves, almond blossom, and rose petals. It is also known for its citrus top notes.

L'Homme Ideal EDP is a very unique fragrance. The fragrance is a sweet, aromatic, and smooth fragrance for men. It is a good choice for those looking for a fragrance that is suitable for both day and night. It is available from Guerlain's online store. You can buy it for 375 EUR for a 60ml bottle.

L'Homme Ideal was the first major launch from Guerlain for men in over six years. This perfume is a relaxed fougere with citrus top notes. It has a smooth, luxurious scent that lasts for a long time. It is a fragrance that works well in spring. It is best worn in the evening. It is recommended to use about three or four sprays of L'Homme Ideal EDP.